1. I’ve seen an item on your social media that I do not see on your website, how do I purchase this item? 

If you are interested in a custom piece that does not appear on the website, please click here

2. How do I care for my FuzzyBeads?

We recommend the following care instructions for your FuzzyBeads Items: 

  • Keep your pieces in their original FuzzyBeads pouches to avoid exposure to environmental pollutants or harsh light, which may cause the gold to darken over time. 
  • We do not recommend the cleaning of the jewellery with treated polishing cloths or brushes. 
  • Avoid wearing FuzzyBeads in the shower or swimming. Remove items before doing so. 
  • Try to avoid contact with perfume, cleaning products and other chemicals that may discolour the items.

3. What are FuzzyBeads made of?

FuzzyBeads are made with the following materials: 

  • 24K Plated Gold Hardware 
  • Glass
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • Ceramic 
  • Real Fresh Water Pearls
  • Plastic 

Please see specific items for the  specific materials used to create the piece. 


4. What is the return policy for FuzzyBeads?

Please view our Return Policy here.


5. How do I make a custom piece? 

Some of the items such as the string of pearl pieces and the layer pieces can be customised by adding a bead or name to the centre of the item. For easily customisable pieces click here

For custom statement pieces, please click here to register your interest.


6. How long will it take for my FuzzyBeads to arrive? 

As each item is made to order, the current lead time for dispatch of your FuzzyBeads is 10-14 days. Please keep this in mind when ordering for special occasions. 


7. I’ve bought FuzzyBeads on ‘Pre-Order’ what does this mean? 

Many of the specialty beads we use in our pieces are handmade and take time to produce, at times we will have a certain amount of product ‘in-stock’, but should our stock run out we will make available the option for our customers to reserve these pieces through our pre-order system. We do this so to manage expectations of delivery time but endeavour to get these pieces out to you as soon as possible. 

We will try and provide a lead time for each pre-order item as and when. 

8. What do I do if my FuzzyBeads break?

Please email us at hello@fuzzybeads.com if one of your items is damaged, faulty or breaks, we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.