Our Story

Born June 2020 during lockdown 1.0 in London, FuzzyBeads first came about as a way for founder Ella Mckenzie to feel close to her friends and family when she physically couldn’t be. She would make personalised pieces to send to her loved ones as a way to put a smile on their face and to remind them that someone is thinking about them. Soon those friends started to order these pieces for their friends, and so a business was born. 

Since then, FuzzyBeads pieces have evolved into fun customisation projects where people are able to work one on one with Ella to create pieces that suited their personality and style. Though now FuzzyBeads.com is mostly made up of staple pieces, it remains important to Ella to make sure that a customisable element is still available with many of the pieces. 

Some products such as the ‘Layering Necklaces’ and the ‘Pearl Necklaces’ can be customised on their own product page, but if you are interested in customising your own ‘Statement Necklace’, please click here to register your interest and Ella will be in touch quickly. 

It is important to remember that each FuzzyBeads piece is made to order, meant to evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and meant to re-ignite the child-like wonder that we all used to experience on a daily basis when we were young.

We welcome you to our website and look forward to welcoming you into our #FuzzyBabes community!